Putting it together

So, today I’ve been mostly trying to get this website up and running, hampered by the total lack of phone line/internet connection – yay for BT (that’s British Telecommunications for all you lot outside the UK!). Frustrating – but thanks to some good friends’ hospitality I’ve been able to get on with it.

When I first sat in a studio the internet didn’t even exist. Now we’re all (almost) completely reliant on it for most aspects of our lives. For the music world, it’s opened a truly wonderful opportunity for getting our stuff out there without having to beg and scrape at the big boys’ doors. That’s still an important part of it, but it’s not all of it any more. It also opens up the chance to work with amazingly creative people – wherever they are in the world – without eating up those air-miles.

That’s what I’m doing here. Along the way, I’ll do the occasional blog on what’s been going on, or any interesting stuff I bump into. I have some ideas about a video series about what’s involved in the mixing process, so hopefully I’ll manage to make that surface at some point.

Ok then, graphics and logos…..

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