I offer a full mixing service (unattended) to take your studio or home recorded tracks to professional levels. I cover any genre, and I’ll also give you feedback on the recording if I feel it would improve the end result. I’m dedicated to  bringing out the best in your music – whatever that might be – to enhance the feeling you’re expressing or the story you’re telling. Musicality is key to how I view every mix I do.

If you’re interested in mastering – see my main site davesb.me 🙂

So, how much?
Mixing (single) £200 per song/instrumental
Mixing (EP – up to 5 tracks) £600
Mixing (Album – up to 12 tracks) £1500
Mixing (additional EP/Album tracks) £150 per song/instrumental
What’s the process?

You contact me with details of your project and I’ll give you a link to upload your multi-track stems (zipped up – see what I’d like to get ideally), a date for when I’ll start, and an idea of a timescale for completion. As soon as I’ve got the files I’ll take a quick look/listen to make sure everything’s in order so that, if there’s an issue, I can get back to you straight away to give you a chance to fix things or re-record/re-mix if necessary. You’ll need to provide a deposit before the start date and once that’s done I’ll do the work and give you a link to a page where you can stream the finished tracks to have a listen and finalise track titles or order (if it’s for an EP/album). After that, once you’ve made the final payment, I’ll prepare the finished files and send you links for download.

What do I get at the end?

For mixing projects, you get (for each track);

  • The finished mix as a WAV file, at the same bit-depth and sample rate as your recorded files.
  • A “reference” master, at the same bit-depth and sample rate as your recorded files. This doesn’t replace a properly done master for release, but it will give you a version that’s been brought up to a commercial loudness level so you can get some idea of what the mastered version would sound like.
  • A high-quality compressed file version in the format you specify (MP3, FLAC, WMA, Ogg, AAC), or a 16-bit 44.1kHz WAV/AIFF version (for CD).

For artists…

I’m not just a mix engineer – I’m a musician and composer too, so I fully understand the need present your music in the best possible way. I’m also obsessively honest, so if your performance or recording is really bad, I will say so. Sorry, but you’ll thank me for it in the end. I love talking through creative things and I’ve been making music for a long long time, so feel free to contact me early on in the process if you’re unsure about anything or just feel like running ideas through someone else.

For recording studios and other professionals…

If you don’t have an in-house mix engineer, or you want to free up studio time and outsource the mixing, then get in touch and we can work something out. I also do vocal/instrument editing and audio cleanup.