Stop and listen

So, it’s been pretty varied here just recently – I’ve been doing some vocal production for the Swedish dance label P R Records, a remix for London-based alt. rockers Calling All Astronauts, a bit of orchestral writing and arranging, and a bunch of other mixes (mixing a track with 8 banjos in was a particular high point 😉 ). On top of all that I’ve been trying to make time to just sit and listen to music, you know, just for fun! Earlier this year I started a Spotify playlist of tracks that made me stop and listen so I thought I’d share that with you – could be interesting. I’m going to keep adding to it for the rest of the year, maybe it’ll become a “thing I do”. The thing about these tracks isn’t necessarily that I think they’re really amazing (or really terrible!) – they just made me stop and listen properly when I first heard them, and that’s something in itself…. enjoy 🙂

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